Damn Righteous

by The Disappointment

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recorded, mixed, and mastered by The Disappointment during the first months of 2012 at the following locations: Robot House Studios, Lovely Heights Studios, Notasound, Psychic Readings Studio.

themes include:
* mild to moderate alcoholism
* gentrification and hipsterism
* self-doubt and betrayal
* sex and wit


released June 12, 2012

the additional musician on this particular recording is the ever-amazing eric maltz (notasound, look that shit up), who played various keys of black and white.



all rights reserved


The Disappointment Brooklyn, New York

this is the shocking true story of four white males from brooklyn who enjoy a modern take on rocknroll, blues and soul music. big surprise. tell your friends.

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Track Name: Where'd That Drink Come From?
there's a time before sundown
on the brink of the night
when i'm carried by taxi
to old wooden taverns
dressed in disguise

where i make up suggestion
in the darks of her eyes
and tell stories and stories
of self-deprecation and
how i'm a hero

it can be all so easy as
slowly losing ourselves
forgetting how painful
it feels to be helpless
while lost in our cocktails

i'm a witness to injury
yeah i seen how it goes
from bar tab to bar tab
we waste in our egos
we sleep in our clothes

she said
that i keep on losing my mind
one cell at a time
cuz i been
strictly fixing my high one drink at a time

with friends out and calling
i'm drinking alone
and by alone i mean surrounded
by my wife and our cats
in our big fancy home

i lie and say i'm busy
its loud on the street
i'm a cautious domestic
with too much that's useless
and tired of sleep
Track Name: The Prince and The Playground
somewhere in brooklyn's an awareness indeed
the scene is making sure you'll always be seen
somewhere in brooklyn's an invisible line
that slowly pushes out the poor over time

somewhere in brooklyn there's a new couple still
engaged in fantasies of square feet in cobble hill
somewhere there's got to be relief we can find
the kind that notices the need to not be so witty all the time

who am i kidding with my
reasons for living here
who am i fooling with my
excuse for moving here
you ain't no prince, no this aint your playground

somewhere, its there
just look at all the glass luxury condos everywhere
somewhere in brooklyn
we started looking
and i see you

somewhere in brooklyn there are princesses in white dresses
one thousand weddings set on court steps with new age blessings
we act so broke but its the blind eye we hide behind
and carefully refine the best life that money can buy

this ain't your false and phony
rich daddy sponsored fucking playground
Track Name: Sharp As Knives
i'm rarely sure
but i feel like i've been here before
there's something about the mind
i'll think of some other time
think of some other time
some other time

guilty dreams
of family coming after me
a ghost of skin and bone
i see him all the time
see him all the time
all the time

i'm alive but aweful late
i'm so impressive
in my great brooklyn escape
nowhere to hide
when your friends are sharp as knives

the city's still
gearing up for something ill
a blast, a crash, a storm
that came from some other time
from some other time
some other time

shame at night
like movie stars in photo lights
we grip and grin and hide
in just a blink of an eye
just a blink of an eye
a blink of an eye
Track Name: Technically 17
she was a kind of old music in
jeans to big for excuses and i
was just so typically 18
we got quick down to killing it
even though her man was only minutes away
and she was technically 17

these are the kind of brief moments where
seemingly opposite components align
yes we were just so improbable
steeped in a world of our own making so
we got a slow education in how
we hate ourselves more than anything

yes i drink and seek to push it away
and she's afraid of feeling afraid
so we take turns in our resolve to betray
the only good thing that we picked up along the way

lock the roommates out
get your playlist out
dip the dimmer on the lights down
and by the third time....

oh but the second turn was difficult
what i learned was just how miserable i
became with no one who spoke to me
but we were perfect just the two of us
yes it was urgent, true, and new and we tried
invented words to say...
Track Name: The Best Person Ever of All Time
i am clearly a modern day savior
i am better than ever before
i'm a favor, a gift from the framers
i'm a loner on top of the world

i'm considered the best in this town
i'm a genius with the smartest penis around
guilt and drug guzzler
a last minute hustler
i got a feeling
like i'm reeling around

it's imperative
that this narrative
never dies
cuz underneath this disguise
i'm like the worst of all time

i'm connected, invested in futures
i played a loser in high school for fun
i'm a former dissenter for pleasure
i'm that moment that you've been waiting for to come

i'm the alpha, the leader of men
i am spoiling for the fight to begin
i'm exchanging and rearranging the order
i am playing
and ever weighing you down